Mesopotamian mythology

This wiki section is dedicated to Mesopotamian mythology. Its lore consists of the stories of the first large human civilization. Indeed, different cultures ruled over Mesopotamia as the years went by, including Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian culture. Mesopotamian mythology is characterized by a complex pantheon of deities. Moreover, semi-divine Kings reigned over their people for multiple centuries, slaying mythical monsters when they had some spare time.

The geneology of the gods differs from story to story. Also, the names used for gods differ across different cultures. Also, there are many gaps in the stories due to the bad state of the clay tablets on which they were captured. In conclusion, we think the sum of these things make Mesopotamian mythology difficult to understand.


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  • Anu – Supreme god and ruler of the skies
  • Annunaki – the greater gods of the Mesopotamian pantheon
  • Anzu – Demon bird
  • Dumuzid – God of fertility and livestock
  • Enki – God of water, wisdom, mischief, and creation
  • Enlil – God of air, wind, and storms
  • Ereshkigal – Goddess of the underworld
  • Igigi – The minor deities of the Mesopotamian pantheon
  • Inanna – Goddess of love (and sex), justice, political power, and war
  • Marduk – Supreme god of Babylonia
  • Nammu – the primordial mother goddess
  • Nanna – The moon god
  • Nergal – God of death and destruction
  • Neti – Guardian of the underworld
  • Ningal – Goddess of reeds
  • Ninhursag – Mother goddess
  • Ninlil – Goddess of wheat
  • Ninsun – Goddess of cows (and mother of Gilgamesh)
  • Ninurta – God of agriculture and war
  • Utu – God of the sun
  • Uttu – Goddess of weaving
  • Galla – Greater demons of the underworld
  • Humbaba – Guardian demon of the realm of the gods
  • Abzu – Primordial sea
  • Aratta – a rival city of Uruk
  • Eridu – Important city in Mesopotamian history, home to the temple of Enki
  • Kish – Important city in Mesopotamian history, home to Etana and Lugalbanda
  • Kur – The Mesopotamian underworld
  • Nippur – Important city in Mesopotamian history, home to the temple of Enlil
  • Uruk – Important city in Mesopotamian history, home to Gilgamesh