Ninhursag is the Mesopotamian mother goddess. She is the wife of Enki, with whom she has conceived both Ninurta and Ninsar (the old fashioned way). In a less traditional way, she brought forth another eight daughters with Enki’s seed (Abu, Dazimua, Enshag, Nazi, Ninkasi, Ninsutu, Ninti, and Nintulla).

Moreover, Ninhursag is also the one who gave birth to the first humans (with a little help from Enki).

There are multiple explanations for the origins of Ninhursag. One explanation is that she is one of the daughters of Anu and Ki, making her a sister to Enki and Enlil. Yet another explanation is that she is actually Ki herself, making her the daughter of Nammu.

Whatever her origins, she has surely deserved the title “Mother Goddess” many times over.