Egyptian mythology

This wiki section is dedicated to Egyptian mythology, one of the oldest forms of mythology that can be traced back to the early days in prehistory.


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Egyptian gods and goddesses
  • Ammit – Devourer of souls
  • Anubis – God of the dead and the afterlife
  • Apep – God of chaos, darkness, and destruction. Eternal enemy of Ra.
  • Atum – Ancestor of the gods, judge of souls in the afterlife
  • Bastet – Goddess of home, fertility, and childbirth
  • Bes – God of humor, dance, and music
  • Geb – God of the earth and the sky, fertility, and the dead.
  • Hapi – God of abundance
  • Hathor – Goddess of love, beauty, motherhood, and fertility
  • Heqet – Goddess of childbirth, renewal, regeneration, health, and the afterlife
  • Horus – God of the sky, kingship, and protection. Chief deity of the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Isis – Goddess of motherhood, fertility, magic, and healing
  • Khepri – God of the sunrise and regeneration
  • Khnum – God of the Nile, fertility and flooding
  • Menhit – Goddess of war, hunting, and the Nile.
  • Nekhbet – Goddess of healing, well-being, protector of women and children
  • Nephthys – Goddess of death, mourning, and protection of the dead
  • Nut – Goddess of the sky and stars
  • Osiris – God of the afterlife, the underworld, rebirth, and judgement
  • Ptah – God of creation and craftsmanship
  • Thoth – God of wisdom
  • Ra – God of the sun and of creation
  • Sekhmet – Goddess of war, hunting, and the sun
  • Seth – God of chaos, violence, and the desert
  • Shu – God of the air, light, and dryness
  • Sobek – gurdian of the Nile, god of strength, fertility, and the afterlife
  • Taweret – Goddess of childbirth, protector of women and children
  • Tefnut – Goddess of moisture, rain, and fertility
  • Wadjet – Goddess of health, fertility, and new beginnings
Egyptian supernatural creatures
  • Apis bull
  • Bennu bird
  • Serpopard
Important Egyptian mortals
Special locations in Egyptian mythology
  • Duat – the Egyptian Underworld
  • Nun –