Scandinavian mythology

This wiki section is dedicated to Scandinavian mythology. Its folklore is filled with gods, giants, dwarfs, and of course legendary heroes. Its stories have been spread across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. During the settlement of Iceland, the vikings brought this lore with them. Conquest, raids, and trade networks further spread Norse mythology throughout Europe, heavily influencing Germanic and Anglo-Saxon mythology.


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  • We have not included Finnish mythology, as the Fins have their own mythology altogether. We will dedicate a separate section to this.

Scandinavian gods and giants (we do not discriminate)

  • Aesir – the most prominent family of gods in Norse mythology
  • Baldr – the god of summer, sunlight and spring; son of Odin
  • Bragi – the minstrel god, son of Odin
  • Freyja – goddess of fertility and sexuality; daughter of Njörd
  • Freyr – god of fertility; son of Njörd
  • Frigg – wife of Odin, goddess of the household and magic
  • Gefjon – giantess, plougher of Sjælland
  • Gridr – giantess, lover of Odin
  • Gunnlöd – giantess, lover of Odin
  • Hardgrep – giantess, foster sister of Hadding
  • Heimdall – the god that protected the Bifröst and Asgard
  • Hoenir – brother of Mimir
  • Hödr – blind brother of Baldr
  • Idunn – goddess of apples and youth
  • Jörd – giantess, lover of Odin
  • Kvasir – the mediator god that was created by Aesir and Vanir
  • Loki – the trickster god, blood-brother to Odin
  • Mimir – the wisest giant of all
  • Nanna – goddess of the moon, wife of Baldr
  • Njörd – the god of the sea, fishery, and wealth
  • Odin – the chief god of the Aesir gods
  • Sif – goddess of fertility, wife to Thor
  • Skadi – goddess of skiing and mountains
  • Skrymir – a friendly giant that leads the gods to Útgard
  • Suttung – giant that stole the Mead of poetry
  • Thiassi – giant that stole the apples of youth
  • Thor – the god of thunder, strength and holy rituals
  • Tyr – the god of war
  • Útgard-Loki – the giant King of Útgard
  • Váli – an avenger god, son of Odin
  • Vanir – one of the family of gods in Norse mythology, mostly fertility gods
  • Ve – one of the younger brothers of Odin
  • Vidar – an avenger god, son of Odin
  • Vili – one of the younger brothers of Odin
  • Ymir – the primordial giant from whom all giants originate
  • Wagnhofde – giant, father of Hardgrep and foster father of Hadding

Scandinavian heroes and other mortals

  • Fafnir – a legendary dwarf that ended up transforming into a gruesome dragon
  • Hadding – a legendary King of Denmark
  • Swipdag – a legendary King who ruled over Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.
  • Thialfi – a trusted servant of Thor

Scandinavian monsters and other special creatures

Important landmarks in Scandinavian mythology

  • Alfheim – the realm of the elves
  • Asgard – the realm of the Aesir gods
  • Ginnungagap – the void from which all life sprung at the beginning of time
  • Helheim – the realm of souls that did not die honorably (in battle)
  • Jotunheim – the realm of frost giants
  • Midgard – the realm of mankind
  • Muspelheim – the realm of fire and fire gaints
  • Niflheim – the realm of mist and ice
  • Svartalfheim – the realm of the dwarfs
  • Útgard – mysterious fortress in Jotunheim
  • Vanaheim – the realm of the Vanir gods
  • Yggdrasil – the cosmic tree of the universe