Eir’s is the Norse goddess of healing and care. She is often envisioned in serene and contemplative poses, reflecting her role as a thoughtful and wise healer. Her association with healing herbs and the art of medicine further accentuates her connection to the natural world and its cures.

Eir is positioned as both a goddess and a valkyrie (just like Freyja), blurring the lines between divine healer and chooser of the slain. This duality underlines her mastery over life and death. We can picture her deciding who she can still save on the battlefield, and whose soul she will take back to Valhalla.

Myths focusing solely on Eir are rare, but her presence is felt across various tales where her healing prowess and merciful nature are called upon. Her knowledge of medicinal herbs and remedies was unparalleled, making her indispensable.

Eir’s influence extends beyond the mythological narratives, finding relevance in modern times as a symbol of healing and compassion. Her legacy is celebrated by those who seek guidance in medical endeavors and by those who honor the ancient Norse traditions. Eir’s essence as the “Norse Hygeia” resonates with the timeless values of care, healing, and protection against the ailments of both body and spirit.