Slavic mythology

This wiki section is dedicated to Slavic mythology. The Slavs once shared their myths and sagas from Poland to Russia. This particular folklore is filled with all kinds of monsters and magic, providing a rich foundation for all sorts of interesting stories.


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Slavic gods and goddesses
  • Byelobog – God of light and goodness
  • Chernobog – God of darkness and evil
  • Dazhbog – God of the sun and light
  • Lada – Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
  • Mati Syra Zemlya – Goddess of the earth and its fertility
  • Mokosha – Goddess of fertility, abundance, and the earth
  • Perun – God of thunder, lightning, and storms
  • Rod – God of fate, destiny and the afterlife
  • Rozhanitsy – Goddesses of fertility
  • Svarog – God of fire
  • Triglav – God of the three heads or three aspects, often associated with the past, present, and future.
  • Veles – God of the underworld, the dead, and the riches of the earth.
Slavic supernatural creatures
  • Baba Yaga – Powerful witch who appears in numerous stories
  • Chernomor – Legendary giant who terrorized Russian villages
  • Domovoi – Male household spirit
  • Kikimora – Female household spirit
  • Koschei – Immortal evil sorcerer
  • Kurent – Horned creature associated with spring
  • Leshii – Forest sprit or demon
  • Mora – Household spirits that visit you in your sleep
  • Rusalka – Seductive water spirit
  • Vila – Beautiful nature spirit
  • Vodyanoy – Treacherous water spirit
  • Zmey Gorynych – a fearsome dragon
Slavic heroes and anti-heroes
  • Bruncvik – Slavic hero who rose from the afterlife to deliver vengeance on his murderers
  • Czech – One of the founding Slavic ancestors, the one who found the Czech Kingdom
  • Dobrynya Nikitich – Legendary warrior who traveled to the Underwater Kingdom to save a princess
  • Ilya Muromets – Legendary warrior
  • Ivan Tsarevich – a boy who grew from stablehand to King after completing multiple quests
  • Lech – One of the founding Slavic ancestors, the one who found the Polish Kingdom
  • Mariassa – a girl who faced off against Bába Yagá
  • Mikula Selyaninovich – a legendary Slavic knight who defeated the dragon Zmey Gorynych
  • Márya Morévna – warrior queen who faced off against Koschei the immortal
  • Rus – One of the founding Slavic ancestors, the one who found the Russian Kingdom
  • Sadko – Famous musician who visited the Underwater Kingdom
  • Svyatogor – a legendary Slavic knight who outwitted the giant Chernomor
  • Vassilisa – a girl who faced off against Bába Yagá
  • Yelena – the wolf princess
Special places in Slavic mythology