Rusalka is a figure from Slavic folklore, who is often depicted as a water spirit or a mermaid. She is known for living in the rivers, lakes and other bodies of water and is associated with the themes of love, death and rebirth.

In Slavic folklore, Rusalka is considered to be a spirit of the water, with a dual nature, both beautiful and deadly. She is often portrayed as a beautiful young woman with long hair, who lures men to their death with her singing and dancing. Rusalka is also believed to be a dangerous spirit who drowns people and causes drowning accidents. It is said that if a person is drowned by a Rusalka, their soul would be trapped in the water and would become a Rusalka themselves.

Rusalka is also known to be associated with themes of love, desire, and fertility. It is believed that she could grant fertility to women, but also cause infertility if she was not propitiated.

In some Slavic cultures, Rusalka is also considered a symbol of the dangerous and unpredictable nature of water, and is associated with the idea of the water as a place of both beauty and danger. She is often portrayed as a representation of the forces of nature, that can be both helpful and harmful.

In modern times, Rusalka is still remembered in Slavic folklore and literature, one famous example being the Witcher.