Triglav is a god from Slavic mythology, who is considered to be the god of the three heads or three aspects, often associated with the past, present and future. He is a central figure in Slavic mythology, and is revered as the god of the universe, and the creator of the world.

Triglav is often depicted as a three-headed god, with one head looking to the past, one to the present and one to the future. He was considered the god of time and space, and was believed to have control over the cycles of life and death. He was also associated with the elements of earth, air, fire and water and was considered the god of nature.

In Slavic mythology, Triglav was considered to be the ruler of the gods, and was believed to have created the world and all living creatures. He was also associated with the afterlife, and was believed to be the judge of souls. In some Slavic cultures, Triglav was also considered the god of wisdom and was invoked for guidance and protection.

Triglav was honored in various rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, particularly during the winter solstice, which was considered the time of his greatest power. These rituals often involved offerings of food and drink to the god, as well as the sacrifice of animals.