Veles is a god from Slavic mythology, who is considered to be the god of the underworld, the dead, and the riches of the earth. He is often depicted as a powerful and benevolent figure, who controls the riches of the earth and guides souls to the afterlife.

Veles was associated with the underworld, death, and the riches of the earth, and was often invoked for protection, prosperity and success. He was believed to bring wealth, health, and good luck to those who honored him. He was also considered a god of fertility, and was invoked for bountiful crops, healthy children and happy marriages.

In Slavic mythology, Veles is considered to be the ruler of the underworld, and is believed to have control over the souls of the dead. He is also associated with the earth and its riches, and is believed to have control over the wealth and resources of the land. Veles is often portrayed as a trickster figure, and is known for his cunning and his ability to shape-shift.

Veles was honored in various rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, particularly during the winter solstice, which was considered the time of his greatest power. These rituals often involved offerings of food and drink to the god, as well as the sacrifice of animals.