Perun is a god of thunder and lightning, and is considered one of the most prominent figures in the Slavic pantheon. He was worshiped by the Slavic people of Eastern Europe and parts of Central Europe, and was believed to have control over the natural elements, particularly the sky and the weather.

Perun was often depicted as a fierce warrior with a long beard and a hammer, and was considered the most powerful and respected god in the pantheon. He was believed to be the protector of the people, and was invoked for help in times of war and natural disasters. In many Slavic cultures, Perun was also considered the god of justice and the punisher of evil-doers.

Perun was honored in various rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, particularly during the spring and summer solstices. These rituals often involved offerings of food and drink to the god, as well as the sacrifice of animals. In some Slavic cultures, Perun was also honored with a sacred oak tree, which was believed to be the home of the god and his family.

Perun was also associated with the oak tree and also the oak was considered sacred to him and it was believed that the god lived in the oak tree. Perun was also associated with the eagle, which was considered his sacred bird.

Perun’s role in the pantheon varied between different Slavic groups and regions. In some cultures, he was considered the chief god and the creator of the world, while in others he was seen as the son of the creator god.