Mokosha is a goddess from Slavic mythology, who is considered to be the goddess of fertility, abundance, and the earth. She is often depicted as a powerful and benevolent figure, who brings growth and prosperity to the world.

Mokosha was associated with the earth, the harvest, and the powers of good, and was often invoked for protection, prosperity, and success. She was believed to bring wealth, health, and good luck to those who honored her. She was also considered a goddess of fertility, and was invoked for bountiful crops, healthy children and happy marriages.

In Slavic mythology, Mokosha was considered to be the mother of the gods, and was believed to have created the world and all living creatures. She was also associated with the afterlife, and was believed to be the guide of souls to the afterlife. In some Slavic cultures, Mokosha was also considered the goddess of wisdom and was invoked for guidance and protection.

Mokosha was honored in various rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, particularly during the spring and summer solstices. These rituals often involved offerings of food and drink to the goddess, as well as the sacrifice of animals. Women and farmers were particularly devoted to her and honored her in their rituals.