Fafnir is a dwarf in Norse mythology who makes an appearances in two iconic stories. He is the son of Hreidmar, a dwarven sorcerer who is known for his greed, and who lives in an extravagant palace that he created from gold and gemstone ornaments. Yet although he was rich, he had an undying craving to grow his wealth.

Then again, even Hreidmar’s greed was overshadowed by his son’s: Fafnir. The thing is that Fafnir’s trait was further enhanced by a treasure that came into his father’s possession. This was a cursed treasure, bestowed onto him by the trickster Loki. Fafnir slew his father, thus committing the sin of kinslaying.

Finally, his mortal body and soul succumbed to his lust for riches. As a result, he transformed into a monstrous dragon. The ultimate tresasure guardian. After spending a long time in isolation, protecting the treasure that he coveted during his mortal times, he was finally slain by Sigurd.

Arthur Rackham (1911)