Váli was one of the Norse gods of vengeance. He is the son of Odin and the giantess Rindr.

Váli’s birth was premeditated for a gruesome goal: he was to kill his halfbrother, Hödr, as punishment for the murder of his other halfbrother, Baldr. He would accomplish that morbid feat at a quick pace. He grew to adulthood in one day, after which he killed off Hödr. His purpose was fulfilled.

After his first kill, he went after the one that tricked Hödr into killing Baldr. He first kiled Loki’s son, Narfi. He pulled the entrails from Narfi’s body and used them to bind Loki.

Although Váli’s purpose was fulfilled within a day, his days would be long. He was destined to survive Ragnarok.