The Norse gods were certainly not perfect. Being divine beings, they were capable of extraordinary feats. Yet most of them had their flaws. Odin was wise, but also greedy (up to the point that he committed suicide once). Thor was strong, but he was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Baldr was the exception to the rule. He was perfect. Being born as the son of Odin and Frigg, he was one of the Aesir and bound to become a prestigious figure. This was not necessarily a given, as his twin brother (Hödr) was blind and therefore less magnificent.

Baldr was the god of summer, warmth and daylight. He was the most beautiful, the wisest, the most gifted speaker, and the justest. Some even consider him to be the embodiment of good. Gods and mortals alike adored him. His hall in Asgard was called Breidablik and was the most beautiful hall around.

Baldr would not die during Ragnarok, as his fate would be sealed long before that day of judgment. Mourning for his death, almost all of the cosmos would weep for his death.