Tyr is the god of war, glory, justice, and oaths. He is considered to be one of the Aesir, and one of the most prominent ones as that. His father is a giant, called Hymir, who lives in Jotunheim. His mother is unknown to us.

He features in multiple stories of Norse mythology. One time, he visits his father and grandmother in Jotunheim together with Thor. This story shows that there is no love lost between him and his family. He features in another story with an act of bravery, in which he willingly sacrifices his hand for the fate of the rest of the Aesir. He loses this hand to Fenrir, as this is the only way that the giant wolf can be bound.

At some point in time, Tyr was actually worshipped as the chief god of the Norse pantheon, surpassing even Odin in status.

Tyr is fated to die during Ragnarok, during which he is killed by Garm, the guardian hound of Helheim. Before he is killed, he manages to mortally wound the animal.