Njörd is the god of the sea, wind and wealth. This meant that he was the patron for fishing, naval trade and seafaring in general. Taking into account that old Scandinavian tribes were dependent on all of these activities, Njörd was certainly one of the most revered gods. Since he is originally one of the Vanir, he is also considered to be a fertility god.

Njörd was married to the giantess Skadi. The giantess had selected him as her partner, solely based on the look of his feet. Their story proves that the look of one’s feet cannot be considered an adequate predictive factor for marital success.

They were both unhappy in their marriage. After a while, they decided to split up and started living apart from one another. This is when the god of the sea returned to his underwater halls. The two of them would not conceive any children together.

From a previous relationship (with his sister), Njörd had already produced twins: Freyr and Freyja. At the end of the Aesir-Vanir war, he and his children moved to Asgard as part of the hostage exchange between the two families. The three of them attained powerful positions.

Njörd was destined to survive Ragnarok, after which he will return to the Vanaheim to lead the Vanir.