Bor is a primordial god in Norse mythology, though he remains somewhat enigmatic. As the son of Búri, the first god who emerged from the ice, and the father of Odin, Vili, and Vé, Bor serves as a crucial link in the divine lineage that shaped the cosmos according to Norse beliefs.

This act of creation from ice and salt underlines the elemental nature of Bor’s existence, tying him intrinsically to the origins of the world itself. Bor married Bestla, a giantess and the daughter of Bolthorn, which further cements his crucial role in bridging the worlds of the Aesir gods and the giants. His lineage leads to the shaping of Midgard, the world of humans, and the structuring of the realms that compose the Norse universe.

Bor’s character, while not as elaborately described as those of his son Odin, is pivotal for understanding the foundational aspects of Norse mythology. He embodies the transition from the primordial chaos of Ginnungagap to the ordered world governed by the Aesir.

This marks him as a symbol of creation and the continuity of divine and worldly order. His story is essential for the narrative of Norse cosmology, representing the genesis of the divine lineage and the interconnectedness of creation and destruction within the mythology.