Ra, also known as Re, is a god from ancient Egyptian mythology who is often depicted as a man with the head of a falcon, symbolizing his association with the sun and the sky. He is the god of the sun, creation, and order, and is often associated with the protection of the pharaohs and the people.

But, Ra is not just a god of the sun, he is also a god of creation, and the creator of all things. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra was said to have created the world and all living things, including the other gods and goddesses. He was also considered the god of order and was believed to maintain the balance and harmony of the world through his daily journey across the sky.

Ra was also known as the god of the pharaohs and was often depicted on the walls of tombs and temples, offering protection and guidance to the pharaohs in the afterlife. He was also believed to be the father of the pharaohs and was often depicted with the pharaohs in scenes of worship and offerings.

Ra was also associated with the power of the sun and its life-giving energy. He was believed to have the power to heal and to bring the dead back to life. He was often depicted holding the ankh, the symbol of life, and was invoked in rituals and ceremonies to bring fertility and prosperity to the land.

One of the most interesting facts about Ra is that he was also believed to have the power to defeat the chaos serpent Apep every night, in order to ensure the rising of the sun in the morning, this battle was seen as an allegory of the daily struggle between order and chaos.