Ereshkigal, the Sumerian goddess of the underworld, is a figure shrouded in the mystique of ancient Mesopotamian mythology. Known as the ‘Queen of the Great Below’, she reigns over a dark and gloomy place where the dead reside. She comes from a powerful family, her father being Enlil. Her brother and sister are Utu and Inanna.

Ereshkigal’s domain, often referred to as Kur or Irkalla, is a place of shadows and dust, where she enforces the laws of the dead and ensures that they do not escape her grasp. Seated next to her is her powerful husband, Nergal.

Ereshkigal is often wears a horned headdress and holding a rod or a scepter, symbols of her dominion over life and death. These attributes highlight her role as a divine ruler.

Despite her fearsome reputation, Ereshkigal’s influence extends beyond mere governance of the deceased. She links to the cosmic balance between the celestial and earthly realms. Her worshipppers engaged in rituals and offerings to Ereshkigal to maintain harmony and seek her favor. This to improve fertility and vitality in the living world.

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Fate/Grand Order: the goddess is a major character in this game.