Ningal, a goddess from ancient Mesopotamian mythology, is a figure of grace and profound significance, often associated with fertility and the moon. Her name, meaning “Great Lady,” encapsulates her esteemed position within the pantheon as the consort of Nanna (Sin), the moon god, and the mother of deities such as Utu (Shamash), the sun god, and Inanna (Ishtar), the goddess of love and war.

Ningal was born to Ninhursag and Enki in the marshes of southern Mesopotamia, a region known for its lush reed beds and abundant water. Ningal’s symbol, a vessel of water with a fish in it, represents the womb and underscores her role in fertility and birth

Featuring myths

  • Ningal and Nanna’s Courtship
  • Ningal’s Lament for Ur