Ninlil is the Mesopotamian goddess of air, grain, and healing. She holds a significant place in the pantheon as the consort of Enlil, the chief god. She shares many of his functions, particularly in declaring destinies. She is the daughter or granddaughter of Anu and Ki.

Together, they parented multiple childeren. Ninlil became pregnant with her first child when Enlil forced himself upon her against her will. This firstborn would turn out to be Nanna, the moon god. She came to love Enlil after that and followed him into his banishment (her family did not take kindly to him forcing himself upon her). They then produced Nergal, who would become the king of the underworld. After that, they would get Ninazu (god of healing) and Enbilulu (god of irrigation).

Myths Featuring Ninlil

  • Enlil and Ninlil: his myth explores the complex dynamics between the married couple.
  • Enlil and Sud: in this narrative, she is also known as Sud. The story details her transformation from Sud to Ninlil, symbolizing her rise in status and power within the pantheon.