Ninlil was the goddess of wheat.

She is the consort of Enlil, with whom she conceived multiple childeren. She became pregnant with her first child when Enlil forced himself upon her against her will. This firstborn would turn out to be Nanna, the moon god. She came to love Enlil after that and followed him into his banishment (her family did not take kindly to him forcing himself upon her). They then produced Nergal, who would become the king of the underworld. After that, they would get Ninazu (god of healing), Enbilulu (god of irrigation), and the mighty Ninurta (god of agriculture, and later, war).

As with many gods of the Mesopotamian pantheon, there are multiple interpretations as to whom Ninlil’s parents are. Some say she is the daughter of Anu and Ki, where others claim that she is the daughter of Haia and Nisaba (making Anu and Ki her grandparents).