Eos is the Titanide personification of dawn and the daughter of Hyperion (personification of the sun) and Theia (personification of sight and light). She rides her chariot with flaming horses across the sky, just like her father and her brother, Helios. Doing so, she ends the darkness of the night and introduces the pink glow we know from sunrises by throwing rose petals in her trail.

Eos has had many lovers, but all of her relationships were doomed. Aphrodite hated Eos for having a fling with Ares. How did the Titanide possibly dare to have feelings for the man that she was cheating with on her husband? The audacity.

So Eos was punished and each of her relationships turned sour. Nevertheless, some of these relationships did lead to many children. She is the mother to the winds by Asatreus: Boreas (the Northern wind), Euros (the Eastern wind), Notos (the Southern wind), and Zephyros (the Western wind). She is also the mother of the planets by Asatreus: Phaethon, Phainon, Pyroeis, Eosphoros, and Stillbon. Finally, the two also conceive Astatrea, a minor goddess of innocence and purity.

Besides Asatreus and Ares, Eos fell in love with many mortals. One of them was Tithonus, a prince of Troy. With him, Eos had two children: Memnon and Emathion. Both would grow up to become King of Ethiopia.