Ares serves as the Greek god of war and courage. He is born as a son to Zeus and Hera. However, because he lusted for blood and the chaos of battle he was not highly regarded by his godly parents or any other immortal or mortal being.

Ares is known for having numerous affairs with both mortals and goddesses. Arguably, his most famous escapade was with the goddess Aphrodite. The fact that she was married to his brother, Hephaestus, apparently provev not to be any obstruction. Together, they parented multiple minor deities: Eros (god of love), Anteros (god of returned love), Phobos (god of terror), Deimos (god of dread), and Harmonia (goddess of harmony).

Next to Aphrodite, he is known to be the lover of several mortals as well. Multiple kings claim to be his offspring. The Amazons can also trace back their lineage to him.