Apep, also known as Apophis, is a god from ancient Egyptian mythology who is often depicted as a giant serpent or dragon. He is the god of chaos and darkness, and is often associated with the forces of evil and destruction.

But, Apep is not just a god of chaos and darkness, he is also the eternal enemy of the sun god Ra and is said to be the embodiment of all that is chaotic, destructive and evil. According to ancient Egyptian belief, he lies in wait for Ra every night as he traveled through the underworld, attempting to devour him and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

He is also known as the god of darkness and was often depicted in the form of a giant serpent or dragon. He was considered to be the source of all evil, and was often associated with natural disasters, disease, and death. The ancient Egyptians believed that the power of Apep could be harnessed for evil, and that he could be invoked to bring harm to one’s enemies.

Despite his malevolent aspect, Apep was also seen as a necessary force in the balance of the universe. The daily battle against Apep, was an allegory of the daily struggle between order and chaos and the victory of the sun god Ra over Apep was seen as a necessary step for the rising of the sun in the morning, and the continuation of life on earth.

One of the most interesting facts about Apep is that the ancient Egyptians would hold rituals and ceremonies to ward off his influence. They would often recite spells and make offerings to Ra to give him the strength to defeat Apep and ensure the rising of the sun in the morning.