Vila, also spelled Vily, are beautiful and powerful female spirits in Slavic mythology. They are believed to inhabit the natural world, particularly forests, rivers, and mountains, and are associated with beauty, fertility, and wildness.

In Slavic mythology, Vila are often depicted as young, ethereal women with long, flowing hair and diaphanous robes. They are said to be incredibly beautiful, with the power to enchant and beguile those who cross their path. They are also believed to have the ability to shape-shift and to control the elements.

Vila are known for their love of dancing and music, and are often depicted as dancing in the forest with their wild and untamed companions. They are also known for their love of nature and are said to protect the animals and plants in their domain.

Despite their beauty and wildness, Vila are also known for their fierce and protective nature. They are said to fiercely defend their territories and will punish those who harm the natural world. They are also known to help people who are lost in the forest and guide them to safety.

Vila are also associated with fertility and childbirth, and were often invoked during rituals and ceremonies related to these themes. They were believed to be able to help women conceive and to protect them during pregnancy and childbirth.