In Greek mythology, Tartarus was the deepest, darkest part of the underworld, located beneath the depths of the earth. It was considered the prison of the Titans and the place where the souls of the wicked were punished after death.

Tartarus was often depicted as a vast and gloomy abyss, surrounded by unbreakable walls and gates, guarded by terrifying monsters and demons. It was said to be so deep that it reached below the depths of the earth and was as far below the underworld as the earth was below the heavens.

According to the myths, Tartarus was the place where the Titans were punished after their defeat by the Olympians, and where the souls of the wicked were punished for eternity. It was also said to be the birthplace of some of the most fearsome monsters in Greek mythology, such as the Cyclops, and the Hecatonchires.