In Greek mythology, Python was a massive serpent or dragon that was said to have lived at the base of Mount Parnassus, guarding the sacred Oracle of Delphi. According to the myth, Python was the offspring of Gaia and Pontus. He was sent to protect the Oracle from being desecrated. He was considered a fearsome creature and was said to have terrorized the local people, requiring them to make regular sacrifices to appease it.

The most famous story about Python is how it was defeated by the god Apollo, who arrived at Delphi and challenged the serpent to a battle. Apollo was able to defeat him using his bow and arrows, and as a result, he was able to take control of the Oracle and establish himself as the god of prophecy and oracles.

Python’s story is often seen as a symbol of the triumph of intelligence and skill over brute strength. Apollo’s victory over Python also represents the victory of the Olympian gods over the older, more primitive forces of nature.