Prometheus is a Titan who is best known for his compassion for mankind. He is the one that stole the fire from the gods and gave it to the human race. He is associated with fire for that act, but he is not the personification of fire.

When Zeus learned of his defiance, he chained him to the Caucasus mountains to suffer for all of eternity. The meaning of his name is “he who thinks ahead”, referring to his sharp wit. After being shackled to the mountain, he was no longer able to protect his brother, Epimetheus, and humanity against Zeus’ rage. This would lead to the opening of Pandora’s box and, ultimately, the release of evil upon the world.

Prometheus is finally unchained by Herakles during one of the hero’s labors. He fathered one son, named Deucalion. This man survived an epic flood that was sent by Zeus to eradicate humankind. It did kill all humans, save for Deucalion as he was warned by his father upfront. Later, he would start a new human race with his wife Pyrrha.