Persephone is a Greek fertility goddess. She is the queen of the Underworld, where she was wedded to Hades after she had been abducted by him from the realm of the living. After those events and given her new status as queen of the Underworld, death and rebirth became part of her domain as well. She is closely associated with the (arrival of) spring and the growth of grain.

Eduard Trewendt (1864)

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. It is clear that she has inherited some power from her mother, hence the emphasis on her status as a fertility goddess. Then again, after her marriage to Hades, we seldomly see her in stories that take place in the realm of the living.

Together with Hades, she conceived two children. The first was Melinoë, the goddess of nightmares and the moon. The second is Plutus, the god of wealth. She is also rumored to be the mother of Zagreus, whom she would have conceived with Zeus.