Hermes is the Greek messenger God of Olympus. His domain includes many trades, also in a literal sense of the word. He is the god of trade, roads, entrepreneurship, borders, shepherds, animal husbandry, and thievery. Acting as the messenger god, he is also known for his sharp wits and sense of diplomacy. Indeed, he often appears as some mediator in the many, many disputes between the Greek gods.

Just as he has a healthy mind, he also has a healthy body. This is why Hermes is the god of athletics and human fertility. Another one of his important tasks is his job as a soul guide, escorting souls from the realm of the living to the shores of Hades.

Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia, the eldest daughter of the Titan Atlas. Being a son of Zeus and one of his escapades means that he is not loved by Hera. Slaying her beloved Argos did not earn him any points either. He was too smart to fall for any of her ploys.

Hermes is the father of many children, including gods, heroes, and royals. His divine children include Pan, Hermafrodites, and Palaestra. Other children included Autolycus (a master thief), Eudores (a commander of the Myrmidons), and Myrtilus (a legendary chariot driver).