Eros, in Greek mythology, was the primordial god of love, desire, and attraction. He was often depicted as a young, handsome, and winged god, armed with a bow and arrows, which he used to strike the hearts of gods and mortals alike, causing them to fall deeply in love.

Eros was considered one of the most powerful and charismatic figures in Greek mythology, and his role in the stories of the gods and mortals is significant. He was one of the primordial gods, born from Chaos, the void that existed before the creation of the universe. He was also known as Cupid by the Romans.

Eros was not only associated with romantic love but also with the love of wisdom, art, beauty, and the love that is needed for the continuation of life. He was also considered a protector of fertility and the growth of plants.

According to the myths, Eros was said to have played a major role in many of the love stories in Greek mythology, including the story of Aphrodite and Adonis, and the story of Psyche and Eros. These stories often depicted Eros as a mischievous and unpredictable god, who caused chaos and conflict with his arrows of love.

Eros was widely worshipped in ancient Greece and many shrines and temples were dedicated to him. He was also a popular subject in art and literature, where he was often depicted as a young and beautiful god.