Asopus is a figure from Greek mythology, known as a river god and the father of several notable figures in Greek mythology, including Europa, Aegina, and Thebe. He was said to be the god of the river Asopus, which flowed through the regions of Sicyon, Corinth, and Argos.

Asopus was said to be a powerful and wise god, who was known for his ability to foretell the future. He was also said to be a just and fair god, who was respected and revered by the people of the regions through which his river flowed.

Asopus is also known for his role in the myths of his daughters, Europa and Aegina. Europa was abducted by Zeus and gave birth to King Minos and Rhadamanthus, both known for their role as judges of the dead in the underworld. Aegina was also mother of Aeacus, another one of the judges of the dead in the underworld and Telamon, one of the Argonauts.