Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of hunting, archery, animals, and nature. She would often go into the woods to embark on a hunting journey. As a consequence, most of the stories that she features in are hunting-related.

Soon after she was born, she helped her mother to deliver her twin brother, Apollo. This is why she is also classified as the goddess of childbirth. Artemis herself vowed chastity for the rest of her immortal life, which is a vow she kept successfully (even though some mortals and gods attempted to sway her mind). We like to think this is because she experienced the ‘wonder of childbirth’ at such an early age.

Artemis is a daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is one of the chief Olympians and she has been revered by cults that dedicate their worship to her. Both the goddess and her cult members feature in some of the most famous myths of Greek mythology.