In Greek mythology, Ariadne was a mortal princess of the island of Crete. She was known for her role in helping the Athenian prince Theseus navigate the labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur, a monstrous creature that was half-man and half-bull, who was kept in the labyrinth and fed with human sacrifices.

According to the myth, Ariadne fell in love with Theseus when he arrived on Crete to face the Minotaur and offered to help him navigate the labyrinth by giving him a sword and a ball of thread, which he could use to mark his path and find his way out. Theseus was able to defeat the Minotaur, and Ariadne helped him escape the island.

Ariadne’s story is often seen as a symbol of the power of love and loyalty. Her actions in helping Theseus demonstrate her courage, selflessness, and her willingness to help others, even at great risk to herself. She is also seen as a symbol of the female intellect and cunning.

In addition, Ariadne’s story has been retold in various literary works and art forms over the centuries and has been interpreted in different ways. Ariadne’s story is not only a story of a mortal woman who helped a hero, but also a story of the power of love and the importance of intelligence and courage.