Apollo the ancient Greek god of many things. He was known as the god of music, archery, and healing. Next to that, he is also seen as the god of prophecy, worship, and truth. It is therefore no surprise that he is seen as the patron god of the Oracle of Delphi. Aother display of his importance is that he is considered to be the god of the sun by some (although this role was traditionally attributed to Helios). We can also see him as the god of civilization, as he is the god of reading, poetry, and education.

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. He was delivered to this world by his twin sister, as their mother found shelter on the island of Delos when she was being hunted down by Hera. This means that he is slightly younger than his sister.

Notable offspring from Apollo includes Hector of Troy, Asclepius the healer, Orpheus the musician, and Scylla the sea monster. We should note that he has over 50 children, which are too many to cover in this bio. Most of them had interesting lifelines, which we will try to cover in our stories.