Nephthys, also known as Nebet-het, is a goddess from ancient Egyptian mythology who is often depicted as a woman with a headdress of a hieroglyph meaning “lady” or “mistress”. She is the goddess of death, mourning, and protection, and is often associated with the protection of the pharaohs and the people in the afterlife.

Nephthys was considered the goddess of death and mourning and was often depicted as a protector of the dead, especially during funerary rituals. She was believed to be able to guide the souls of the deceased to the afterlife and to offer them protection and comfort. She was also associated with the mourning of the dead and was often depicted in scenes of mourning, offering condolences to the living.

Nephthys was also known as the sister of Isis and Osiris. She was often depicted in scenes of mourning and was considered to be the protector of the dead and the guide of souls to the afterlife, her association with death and protection made her one of the most important goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon.

Nephthys was also considered the wife of Seth, the god of chaos and evil, although this relationship was not considered a traditional one, as it was an infertile one, this association with Seth gave her a protective aspect, as she was able to protect the dead from the negative influence of her husband.

One of the most interesting facts about Nephthys is that she was also associated with the hieroglyphic symbol of a basket, which was a symbol of the womb, representing her association with the concept of rebirth and regeneration.