Ammit is a goddess from ancient Egyptian mythology. She has the head of a crocodile, the front legs of a lion, and the back legs of a hippo. This symbolizes her association with the Nile River and the natural world. While that he is the goddess of death, destruction, and the devourer of souls.

Ammit is the goddess of death and destruction, a powerful and fearsome creature, capable of devouring the souls of the wicked in the afterlife. She resides in the underworld and judges the souls of the dead. She devours the hearts of sinners, denying them the right to an eternal happy ever after. This role made her the counterpart of Anubis, the god of mummification and the afterlife, who would weigh the hearts of the deceased.

Ammit is not a major deity in the Egyptian pantheon: people did not worship her in her own right. Then again, whe was an important figure in the mythology and religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. You can imagine that she was not a poplular goddess.

One of the most interesting facts about Ammit is that her name “Ammit” means “Devourer” or “Eater of Souls,” which reflects her role as a destroyer of the wicked in the afterlife. An alternative name is “Ahemait”. This means “She Who Devours” or “She Who Eats”, again emphasizing her role as a goddess of death and destruction.

So if you are a follower of ancient Egyptian mythology, you had best behave. You don’t want your heart to be eaten by this horrific creature.